Business Bootcamp


Including all of the following services: 

A beautifully tailored website

You can send us different  links of websites of which you like the design aspects such as; font, color schemes, image style, etc. We will take all your feedback into account and create the website of your dreams that matches you and your business goals perfectly. This way your brand or business will become personal and approachable. By having an original web-site you will be connecting your business directly to your customers.


Web content

Sometimes finding the words to describe your business and your services exactly can be tricky. If you find that writing your own content is something you have trouble with, we offer to create your content for you. We have extensive experience in creating content for many different companies and freelancers. 


Social Media Connection

The next and very important step is to connect your social media channels to your website. By creating internal links on your website doing directly to your social media, it is easy for current and potential customers to stay in touch with you and follow your updates. We offer to create your social media channels for you, and connect these to your website so you are easily found and able to protect your business in social media. If you are already have your social media accounts set up, you can simply let us know the links and we connect them to your website for you. 


SEO Setup 

Having a website is very important to promote your services and your business. To enable the website being visually present on Google Search you need to connect your website to Google and continuously improve the SEO of your website. This means adding internal and external links, creating relevant and specialised SEO content, the use of your social media channels and using different advertising options such as Adds.  This way you can heavily improve the search position of your website on Google, which helps people find your business online. 



Of course your beautiful website needs a series of images. Depending on your needs we provide your website with stunning high pixel images. 



If you want pictures featuring yourself for your brand new website we offer you an exclusive professional photoshoot with us, for a 40% discounted price 

included in your ISLA business Package. Please go here to see the Ayla's Isla Modelling Portfolio to see past photoshoots done for clients. 



To create a memorable and visible image for your business, we also design logo's matching your companies style. This is a creative process in which you can be involved as much as you like, or we start the journey from scratch and keep you well informed about ideas or decisions being made regarding the design of your website and logo. 


Business email address 

Now that your business is almost complete; you have your website online, you are connected to Google, your social media channels are up and running, you have interesting and catching content describing your business and informing your potential clients and customers; you need a business email address matching your website, to be printed on your business card. We take care of the set up and connection of your business email and connect this to your website so that any messages on your website go directly to your email address for you to respond to. Your business name will be featured in your email address.